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The 'Space to sew and help to sell' project kicks off !!

One of our main causes here at the Another Way Women's Foundation (AWWF) is supporting women in becoming financially independent... and so we couldn't be more excited that our first grant is supporting the Network for International Women for Brighton and Hove (NIWBH) in their creative business enterprise project - 'Space to sew and help to sell'. This project is providing training and support to help women develop the skills and confidence needed to attain a sustainable income by creating textiles to sell.

Thanks to the passion and drive of the NIWBH team and women involved, the generosity of all those in the Adult Education Centre, and the financial support from the AWWF and Enjoolata Foundation, the project finally got underway this week.

Eighteen amazing women, with varying backgrounds and experience levels, are enrolled on the 20-week pilot course, and by all accounts the first session went really well... with lots of excitement, many questions and high energy contribution from all.

As well as providing business training and a practical space for the makers, the project also aims to deliver a template for women to use to help them in setting up other businesses in the future.

To find out more, follow the story as it unfolds with us, or check out the NIWBH website for updates (

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