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Combatting loneliness and social isolation via the WellBoost project for women in Hackney

The Another Way Women's Foundation was delighted to be able to provide a grant at the end of 2022 to The Community Hub (TCH) – a community-based organisation supporting vulnerable, elderly women in Hackney – to fund their ‘WellBoost’ project.

This new initiative aims to help socially-isolated, low-income women over 55 overcome barriers of isolation and loneliness, which had increased as a result of the recent COVID pandemic, by providing relief services and lifeline support to improve the quality of their lives.

Weekly ‘WellBoost’ sessions kicked off in January 2023 and are re-connecting women across the local community via a lively and varied programme; including keep fit classes, walking, music and art sessions, book club, lectures and educational classes, healthy eating guidance from a professional nutritionist, mind-challenging activities, social events and dinners – all designed to help improve wellbeing and mental health.

Frady Feldman, Project Co-ordinator, gave us this lovely feedback…

“The first sessions have been very well attended and started off on an excellent note. They focused on ‘breaking the ice’ and setting up a social support group for the women. It was fun sharing contact information, hobbies, favourite foods and places of interest. We then moved on to a good game of Boggle, where all the women were engrossed and it was great getting their minds thinking. Light refreshments were served throughout the session, adding to the cheerful atmosphere.

Sarah, one of our attendees shared: “I haven’t felt so good for months, this session was invigorating and I’m coming home with new friends. I’m really looking forward to next week’s session!”

All in all, the ‘WellBoost’ project kicked off with the right spirits and we look forward to enhancing the lives of 35 elderly women with our varied weekly activities.

Thank you for enabling us to make a difference”.

Stay tuned for more information over the year as the project continues!

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