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Overwhelmingly positive impact of Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness in survivors of sexual violence

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

The Another Way Women's Foundation was delighted to provide funding to Survivors' Network – a rape crisis centre for Sussex – to provide Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM) sessions to female-identifying survivors of sexual violence.

And now we are even more delighted to be able to share the feedback from the first of the 8-week courses, which has been overwhelmingly positive and is really making a difference to the lives of those who attended.

100% course attendees fed back that they had learnt skills that help them to be more present and in the moment, and help them manage stress, and two thirds of attendees reported that their wellbeing had improved as a result of attending the course. All the attendees said that they would recommend the course to others.

The feedback from the attendees says it all: My overall experience with this group was fantastic”… The tools I’ve learned from this group are priceless and I’m looking forward to continuing to implement them in everyday life”… After my previous experiences of Mindfulness I was anxious about participating but was surprised by how much I learnt”… The informal practices were also more in depth and I found those really beneficial and feel they will be easier to incorporate into daily life”… I feel this was delivered in an autism-friendly way”… I couldn’t have imagined being as comfortable as I did with the group”… Felt like I had accomplished something and it has helped me to avoid escalating into a meltdown at times”… I didn't expect the reframing thoughts exercises to be so helpful, and I have noticed that I do talk to myself more kindly when I make a mistake or am having bad thoughts”… It's difficult to sit still when you have been invaded and being on the spectrum does present difficulties. Katie was very good at relieving my anxieties and keeping me engaged”…

Katie is so knowledgeable and great at making the atmosphere relaxed and non-judgemental”.

The course, which provides an alternative to groupwork and talking therapies, was delivered by Katie, a qualified Mindfulness teacher who is trained specifically in trauma-sensitive approaches and who is one of only around 2000 dedicated, certified TSM practioners worldwide.

TSM aims to help those who have experienced trauma explore some of the benefits mindfulness can bring; such as enjoying the present moment, cultivating self-compassion, developing concentration, and managing challenging thoughts and feelings.

Stay tuned for more information in the new year after the second course finishes!

You can find out more about the courses, and Survivors' Network's other services, here.

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