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Our grant application window is now CLOSED

Thank you to all those who applied... we will be OPEN for applications again later in the year - watch this space!

Please click below to find out more about our application process and to download our application forms.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

We offer two types of grant: (i) the larger 'Another Way Women's Foundation grant'

which is up to £5,000 and (ii) the '£1000 for 1000 words' grant for smaller applications.

Read more about each below and use the links to download the Grant Application Forms...

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our funding strategy

We seek to partner with, and provide grants to, organisations who share our vision and values with respect to women’s advancement, as well as our ethos with respect to working practices (empowering & enabling, community- and people-centric, passionate & inspiring, trusted & respectful).

Our aim is to be financial ‘enablers’ – inspiring and supporting sustainable projects and services aimed at the advancement of women and/or system change for the betterment of women.

The grants we provide typically fall into two areas:

  • Project support – ‘seed’ funding for pilot or start-up initiatives to show ‘proof of concept’, with a view to enabling partner organisations to go on to apply for further/larger grants from other funders to expand/increase the project scope, or to attain self-sustainability for the project

  • Services support – aid funding to enable support organisation and service providers to pay for essential service delivery

In each case, the application must describe how the funds will be used, timelines, what the intended impact/system change will be (eg, what will success look like), what metrics will be put in place to assess impact, how monthly and end-of-project reporting will be handled, how the project/service will achieve long-term sustainability, what the ‘exit strategy’ for funding is.

our focus

Our aim is to support applications that preferentially, but not exclusively, focus on sustainable, cooperative, community-led initiatives aimed at the root cause of gender inequality (system change) in under-represented communities and/or under-funded areas

our application process

How to apply

All applications must be submitted using the Grant Application Forms, which can be downloaded from the links in the sections above.

Criteria for applications

Applications must be:

  • In line with, and supportive of, Another Way Women’s Foundation (AWWF)’s charitable purpose to support the relief of need, education, empowerment and advancement of women, as well as the values and ethos of our organisation

  • UK-based

  • Not for profit and not for self benefit

  • Aimed at having a positive, measurable and sustainable impact on women in need and/or the community as a whole

  • Focused preferentially, but not exclusively, on sustainable, cooperative, community-led initiatives aimed at the root cause of gender inequality (system change) in under-represented communities and/or under-funded areas

  • Clear, detailed and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based)


We will acknowledge your application by email once we have received it.

Applicants for the larger 'AWWF Grants' will be invited to a meeting with a couple of our team members (face-to-face or via Zoom) to chat about your application in more detail.

We aim to respond to all applications to say whether or not they have been successful within 4–6 weeks of the published closing date.


Our Steering Committee (comprising selected Trustees and members) will review every application received, undertake due diligence checks, and filter out those that do not meet our grant criteria.

Depending on the number of applications we receive, we may not be able to award grants to every applicant, even if they meet the criteria.


We are not able to offer individual feedback on unsuccessful applications, other than that our funding aims will be to keep an even balance in the areas we support and to select projects to fund that we feel will have the greatest impact on women in need and/or the community as a whole.


Unsuccessful applicants may apply again.


Successful applicants can expect to receive funds within 23 weeks from hearing that their application has been awarded.

Grantee expectations

Recipients of grant funding will be required to report on how the money was spent and provide evidence to demonstrate the impact of the grant on women's lives.

In addition, grantees will be required to provide a photo and short testimonial for use on the Another Way Women’s Foundation website and on social media, with the intention to raise further awareness of cause.

“Investing in women means investing in the people who invest in everyone else”

Melinda Gates

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