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Let’s be honest, realistically, we’re not going to smash the patriarchy in our lifetime… but that won’t stop us giving it a damn good try!

The Another Way Women's Foundation was set up because we believe passionately in the power of women, and about helping women realise their worth and reach their full potential through empowerment and education.

In a largely patriarchal world, we want to help redress the balance – because we believe that by supporting projects that advance women, we benefit not only the individual but also the household and wider community as a whole.

And, if we only advance one women’s life for the better, we believe that the world would still be a brighter place!

Because we believe there is Another Way for women to live, to work, to be…

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Here’s to STRONG women…
May we BE them
May we RAISE them
May we KNOW them
And… May we HELP them rise

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our values

empowering & enabling

community- & people-centric

passionate & inspiring

trusted & respectful

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“No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower women around you. Success is never reached alone; wisdom and wealth are sweeter when shared”


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our team

with passion for advancing women at our core



Founder & Chair of Trustees

As a female entrepreneur, mother and yogi, Wendy is passionate about making the world a better place for women and helping them rise.


A philanthropist, educator and mentor who is committed to giving back by sharing her 25+ years' corporate experience to help other women realise their true potential and equip them to take on the world!



As a woman early in her career, Liv feels passionate about helping women to thrive in the workplace.

Working in healthcare education, she is committed to helping women succeed in historically male-orientated industries.




Working in the public service sector, Amy is passionate about creating a safer and more equal place for women to excel.

As a young female, Amy wants to offer a guiding and supporting hand to help other young women fulfil their full potential.


Operations, Partner Liaison & Steering Group Member

As a mother, grandmother, childcare specialist and qualified youth worker, Lind is passionate about helping to realise the potential of women and girls.

She is committed to giving back by sharing her 30+ years' experience in the childcare and charity sectors to help ensure that AWWF partners with charities and organisations delivering meaningful and impactful results for women. 



Steering Group Member

As a chartered accountant, Rory is passionate about ensuring projects deliver the returns they promise.


Working as part of the Steering Group, Rory advises the Trustee Board on the financial viability of the projects we support, to ensure maximum return on investment for our funding.


IT Consultancy

As a digital specialist, Ben is passionate about technology.


With over 10 years’ experience in the medical communications industry, he has successfully delivered digital platforms and events to audiences around the world, both virtually and in person.


Ben is a keen photographer and long distance runner. He has lived and worked in Hong Kong, South Africa, USA and UK.

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“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders”

Sheryl Sandberg

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