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Peer support work helping women and girls affected by domestic abuse and violence

The Another Way Women's Foundation is thrilled to now be supporting RISE - a Sussex-based charity that supports women and girls affected by domestic abuse and violence.

RISE stands for Refuge, Information, Support and Education, and their vision is: ‘Freedom from Abuse and Violence.’

Hear what Ava Harding, Fundraising and Engagement Manager for Rise UK, had to say about the new partnership...

"As an organisation, we are continually seeking new funding opportunities and were given a leaflet about Another Way Women’s Foundation (AWWF) at an International Women’s Day event and thought AWWF would be a really good fit for us.

We applied for a grant under the '£1,000 for 1000 words' scheme, and I wondered if it really was that simple (as we all know, often this is not the case) – but the answer was "YES"!

I completed the application form which was short and simple – and crucially under 1000 words and submitted.

We were absolutely thrilled to learn our application had been not only successful, but was also fully funded, as there had been a small shortfall in the funding for this area of work. The time between application submission, review and offer was short and the AWWF team has been amazing in their communication with us – another bonus!

Survivors of domestic abuse are often isolated as a part of the abuse they have experienced, which increased during the lockdowns. Mothers often feel ashamed to speak of their experiences due to fear of being judged by professionals, friends and family. The funding for peer-led projects will work to reduce isolation and loneliness by developing social activities in a safe space for parents, children and young people to meet. Our groups aim to offer interventions to reduce risk to mothers and children and improve health & wellbeing within the communities RISE supports in Brighton and Hove.

The AWWF funding for one of our peer support groups helps to influence mothers, children and young people to have a voice and to feed back into RISE service developments and other agencies so they can understand their experiences and improve responses. You can find out more about our work here".

Ava Harding

Fundraising and Engagement Manager, Rise UK

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