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“When WOMEN gather, GREAT things will happen”
Leymah Gbowee

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what we do

Another Way Women’s Foundation (AWWF) is an independent, volunteer-led, grant-making charity dedicated to enabling a brighter and fairer future for women and girls through financial support, education, empowerment and advancement.

By funding impactful projects and services, we aim to accelerate gender equality, effect system change and advance women’s lives, sustainably, at both an individual and community level.

Advancing women’s lives, one grant at a time...
because we believe there is Another Way for women to live, to work, to be...

and that there is Another Way to fund

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how we do it

We believe that women are stronger when they work together… and we’re here to remove some of the financial barriers to that happening.


Through partnering with organisations who share our vision and values, we aim to inspire and support sustainable community development via the education, empowerment and advancement of women, to give a stronger ‘voice’ to women who don’t have one and bring about lasting, systemic change for the better..

If you are seeking funding for a project, we’re here to HELP... find out if you are eligible below.

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our impact

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“The tools I’ve learned from this group are priceless and I’m looking forward to continuing to implement them in everyday life”

 "I have felt like I am in a prison for so long, even leaving him felt I was swapping one cell for another, and I am finally seeing there may be a way to figure this all out. It feels good to take a little bit of control back, thank you”

“Thank you for providing me with a safe space to talk. I feel you have saved my life. I feel much less desperate and much less alone than before”

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"We need women who are…

so strong they can be gentle
so educated they can be humble
so fierce they can be compassionate
so passionate they can be rational
and so disciplined they can be free"

Kavita Ramdas

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