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“When WOMEN gather, GREAT things will happen”
Leymah Gbowee


what we do

Another Way Women’s Foundation (AWWF) is an independent, volunteer-led, grant-making charity dedicated to creating a brighter and fairer future for women and girls through financial support, education and empowerment.

By funding impactful projects and initiatives, we aim to accelerate gender equality and change women’s lives, sustainably, at both an individual and community level.

Changing women’s lives, one grant at a time...
because we believe there is Another Way for women to live, to work, to be


how we do it

We believe that women are stronger when they work together… and we’re here to remove some of the financial barriers to that happening.

Through our partnerships, we aim to inspire and support sustainable community development via the education and empowerment of women, to give a stronger ‘voice’ to women who don’t have one and bring about lasting change for the better.

If you are seeking funding for a project, we’re here to HELP... find out if you are eligible below.


our impact

The Another Way Women's Foundation was set up out of a desire to help some of the most vulnerable women, living difficult lives.

We are therefore delighted to now be supporting the Brighton Women's Centre to help ensure that their low-cost Women's Counselling and Psychotherapy Service can continue to provide specialist support for self-identifying women who are struggling with suicidal thoughts as a result of the impact of trauma on their lives.

And, as our grant was generously matched by The Big Give, the money provided will now go twice as far. 

One of our main causes here at the Another Way Women's Foundation is supporting women in becoming financially independent.
It is fitting therefore that our first grant will support the Network for International Women for Brighton and Hove in their creative business project aimed at enabling women from the Network to work together and create textiles to sell.
As well as providing training and support to help women develop the skills and confidence needed to attain a sustainable income, the Business Enterprise Project also aims to deliver a blueprint/roadmap for women to use to assist them in setting up other businesses, whatever they might be. By providing a centralised hub of information, it is hoped the Network will become a signpost and resource for aspiring business women in the community.

Here at the Another Way Women's Foundation we believe that there is another way to women to live, to work and to be. 
We are therefore very proud to be supporting a venture to develop the new Tara Nature Retreat wellness and natural healing centre which will offer women’s empowerment retreats, trainings and other events with more purpose.
By combining yoga, meditation, nutrition and personal development with mentoring, coaching, volunteering and service, the events delivered will take a holistic approach to nurture mind, body and soul, while giving back to women and communities in need.


"We need women who are…

so strong they can be gentle
so educated they can be humble
so fierce they can be compassionate
so passionate they can be rational
and so disciplined they can be free"

Kavita Ramdas